Uncover The #1 Reason You're Cheating Yourself Out Of A Body That Radiates With Confidence & Not Experiencing The Intelligent Way To All-Out
Fat Burning…

… And Learn What To Do About It To Max Out Your Workouts, Break Limitations, Turn Heads & Control Every Curve On Your Body - Starting Today!

A Cut to the Chase article by Flavia Del Monte ... Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer, Masters Nutrition Certification


"Yes, that's me at 13.5% fat
without doing anything extreme

Hi Friend and Fitness Enthusiast!

Whether you just decided to venture into the weight room or you have been a long time fitness buff, this must be said first

It's not your fault you are struggling to get a lean, strong and fit physique - despite all your efforts.

I know you don't have to look far before being bombarded with the next outrageous "Hollywood Diet" endorsed by PAID celebrities who will tout just about anything for the right amount of money…

Or the latest "health & fitness" magazine announcing how to "get amazing abs in 1-week" so you willl buy a copy of their cleverly disguised supplement catalog to sell you their next weight loss gimmick…

We both know there is no shortage of ludicrous crash diet solutions, bogus fat-burner pills, exercise gizmos, acai berry scams and stupid colon cleanses flying off the shelves – being sold to desperate and uneducated people - despite being downright frauds, ineffective and damaging to your health.

These weight loss scams are straight out crazy and ridiculous, not to mention unrealistic.


Today "quick and easy loss weight loss" sells but the only thing that is "quick and easy" is the speed that you'll get ripped off, waste your money and get upset at yourself once you discover you were played.

It's so frustrating I don't blame you if you've had thoughts of quitting all together!

Like me, you are not a quitter and I have GOOD NEWS if you are on a mission for a sexy and healthy body that shines with confidence:

You're closer than you have ever been before since you were lucky enough to find this website.

Just in case you've lost sight of the dream body that you've been working towards but are ready to kick things up a notch to propel your fitness to another level…. This will be the most exciting website you have ever read.

In just a moment I am about to share my female fitness formula– no matter what your age, fitness level or body type - to reignite your passion for a hot body. It's the exact same solution I used to get my body fat down to a lifetime-achievement goal of 13.5% and keep it there!

But first…

Who Am I & How Am I Different Than All
The Other Glorified Fitness Solutions Out There Today?

"Here's a pic of my enormous family!"

Hi, my name is Flavia Del Monte and I created this website because I'm sick and tired of seeing you being robbed of 100% of your money and 90% of your fitness results because of misleading information from ruthless marketers selling you complete and utter garbage!

You should know I am one of sixteen siblings (Yes… all from the same parents) and every once in a while I even see my own family members being flat-out scammed and it makes my blood boil.

Not only am I on a mission to protect my family members but also my friends who have been Facebooking me for fitness help since I teamed up with my husband and released the June 26 Wedding Day Workout last year.

More on that in a moment…

Here's The Surprising Truth... I Had No Intention Of Sharing My
Formula For Tight Abs; Solid, Round Glutes; Lean Legs And Defined Arms
Until Others Literally Begged Me To Show & Share What I Know...

Here's the interesting back-story to how Flavilicious Fitness came to be and why helping you is a bit more personal to me…

As you might know, I'm married to the world's top skinny guy muscle-building expert, Vince Del Monte. Not only is he my amazing husband but he's the guy who's busted the bodybuilding and supplement industry wide open, exposing all the scams and lies, and has helped over 25,000 skinny guys pack on muscle and transform their lives.

I'll admit – I'm inspired to do the same thing for my lady friends that Vinny has done for his skinny guys.

Although I get a lot of fulfillment from working with kids as a pediatric nurse, I get equal fulfillment and satisfaction helping others escape dishonest fitness and diet information that is holding you back from blasting off the last five pounds of fat or the June wedding day workout planfirst fifty pounds of fat.

It wasn't until April of 2010 – a few months before my wedding –I realized I had a moral obligation knowing what I know - to help you get the edge for a hot and healthy body…

You see, two months before Vince and I exchanged vows, we decided to create a fitness program for our family and friends – in response to many of our wedding guests saying…

"We want to look hot for your wedding… Help us!"

That lead to the creation of the June 26 Wedding Day Workout.  Not only did it get Vince and I prepared for the biggest day of our lives but it fulfilled the promise of helping our family members get hot!

Everyone from our parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and wedding party took advantage of our Wedding Day Workout and what happened next was totally unexpected…

Take A Sneak Peak At My Facebook Inbox Since Sharing
Just A Few Of My Fitness Secrets With The World...

  • I want to look like you. What do I need to do? Do you take any supplements?
  • Hi Faf, where should I start if I want to lose forty pounds?
  • Flavia, when are you coming out with your own product? Your husband is great but I would rather follow you.
  • I want your workout program. Should I be doing interval cardio or slow and steady cardio?
  • Flavia, send me your diet! Should I be eating carbs?
  • How many days should I weight train? How many reps? Sets? Which exercises?
  • Flavia, can you help me lose the last ten pounds of stubborn fat?

You get the idea.

All ages, all fitness levels and all body types reach out asking me for my exercise and diet plan to rediscover their full potential.

And I decided to do just that!

Before I hand you the most intelligent way to get super lean without doing anything extreme…

"I Have One More Confession To Make...
This One Is A Lot More Personal..."

I have not always looked the way I do today. In fact, my body, fitness and health is 10x better at 30 years of age than it was at 20 years of age.

Most people don't know this but I went through a phase where I felt very unattractive, unhappy and got seriously unfit!

You see… I worked out regularly (and even had a Personal Trainer) and did the "eat healthy" thing… then on the weekends I'd ruin it by eating junk, partying and neglecting the gym. That's when the unimaginable happened to my tiny 5 foot 2 inch body…


"I Started Packing On Fat..."

When I expressed my need for change... all my girlfriends reassured me, "You look great Faf (that's my nickname) stop worrying" and whether they were being honest or just being nice, I knew that I didn't have that total package that's tight, toned and tempting!

"I may have been smiling
on the outside but
I was crying on the inside."

You know what I'm talking about. I became that girl who knew how to wear the right clothes to camouflage all my flaws but underneath was a stockpile of pizza... chocolate... cookies... and beer (I loved my beer).

Hidden deep inside my dark clothing ... to create the illusion I was slimmer ... I was actually growing ugly flab around my stomach and starting to develop the horrendous "pear-shape" which is every girl's nightmare. Obviously, wearing fun and slim-fitting clothing no longer became an option for me.

In short, it was HUMILIATING, considering I was supposed to be naturally thin and I even had the luxury of a Personal Trainer!

I had accumulated 20 pounds of unwanted body fat and had to figure out how to get some REAL and PERMANENT RESULTS...


"Fast Forward To Today... Here Are 5 Life-Changing Events
Helping Me Unlock The Most Intelligent Methods To All-Out Fat Burning..."

Yes, I love my husband even with an air brushed tan

1. I met my husband, Vince Del Monte, who happened to be the world's top muscle building coach for skinny guys.

I instantly got inside access to his ten years of real-world experience and expertise plus all his fitness friends who are considered the smartest fitness authorities on the planet. This is when I started to see the light and began separating fact from fiction...


Ryan Watson

2. I stopped training like a girl and invented the F.O.R.C.E. formula specifically designed for females - more on that in a moment.

Many of these methods were reinforced when I hired Florida's top personal trainer, Ryan Watson, who specializes in getting females ready for bikini, fitness model and figure competitions.

Most of his girls have graced the cover of one magazine or another. In fact, Ryan got me ready for my first photo shoot with the industry's most professional and long standing fitness photographer – Rick Schaff.


3. I discovered the Real-World Science Of Fat Loss & Muscle and earned a nationally recognized Personal Training Certification. I got schooled in the science of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and lots of other boring subjects you need to know to master fat loss the intelligent way.

Precision Nutrition

John Berardi

4. I went under the tutelage of the number one exercise nutritionist in the world ... Dr. John Berardi. Unless you're completely new to fitness this man needs no introduction. He holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology & Nutrient Biochemistry, he is a teacher of nutrition, a competitive physique athlete, a personal trainer, a researcher, an author and a nutrition coach to pro athletes and Olympic Gold medalists.

The knowledge I obtained comes directly from a masters level Sport and Exercise Nutrition course taught at Eastern Michigan University.

So make no mistake, the info I was exposed to isn't some "Mickey Mouse" nutrition certification. It's an elite certification based on grad school material.


5. I took action! Everything I learned I tested on myself and I tested on all the ladies requesting my help on Facebook.

Plus I even recruited a "TEST GROUP" of over fifty ladies of different ages and fitness levels to ensure my results were not a random fluke only working for me.

After all these experiences, knowing what I know, I can confidently say that it REALLY IS NOT YOUR FAULT you're struggling to get a flawless figure....

The Truth has been hidden from you and you need to look no further if you're on the hunt for a wildly lean and sexy body...


The #1 PROBLEM Females Face & The #1 Reason You're Being Cheated Out Of A Flawless Figure:

Untrustworthy Marketers Have Conditioned Females To Believe
They Need Specific Programs & Diets "For Women."

That is partially true, which we'll discuss shortly also, but it's mostly a blatant lie and often a fraud or sales pitch.

In short, most of the information you've read about female fitness is just flat out wrong intended to keep the cash register of the multi-billon dollar fitness and supplement industry ringing.

To them, you're just a credit card to sell to so they constantly throw new gimmicks, new products, new anything in your face ... until you discover it was a scam and the cycle repeats itself ... and while you're overwhelmed and confused ... your progress is held back while they laugh all the way to the bank and re-create the next "latest and greatest."

If you held the key to cracking the formula to a flawless figure, then you wouldn't remain a customer for very long and the marketers would go out of business.

The scammers just want your watch to keep ticking and your purse to keep shrinking...

If all their junk really worked... you would already have the body of your dreams...

But YOU don't...

And get this... the fattest lie of them all is...

The Scam Artists NEED You To Struggle With Your
Body & Stay Confused and Overwhelmed!

Hard to believe but that's just the way it is.


  • Every major fitness magazine that gives those glowing reviews of all those supplements are all owned and operated by the supplement companies they review...
  • A lot of personal trainers, who obtain their certification from the gym they works for, get a lot more training in sales, than as an actual trainer...
  • Those gorgeous fitness models on TV may be promoting that goofy piece of gym equipment, but they built their own bodies with good old-fashioned gravity and resistance, or were just blessed with good genetics... not like our bodies.
  • Those "Celebrity Diets" or so-called "Hollywood Diets" are a revolving door of "Ooohs" and "Ahs" every week. Some celeb will slim down and rumors will run wild about some mystical ingredient they uncovered...
    In reality, they are simply scams to shed water weight so they can boast a bold claim about effortless weight loss. You'll definitely lose weight but my guess is that you'll just end up starving yourself until you fall off the wagon and gain all the weight back plus a few more pounds... In the long-term, these diets present a boatload of health concerns...

That's why, when you struggle with your body and never reach your goals, they can keep selling you more of the same stuff.

There's always a reason why it didn't work last time, but if you just believe one more time, they promise you your results will be different...

The female health and fitness world is overwhelming... confusing... and contradicting...

Until today.


Understanding The #1 Reason You Can't Develop A Leaner,
Sexier & Healthier You Is Because Virtually 95% Of Everything
You've Heard Up Until Today Is ...Ridiculous... Unrealistic and Garbage!

Now… that YOU know the FACTS of how your training and nutrition were handicapped before you even started and how you have been cheating yourself out of looking your absolute best…

… it's time to take your physique to dazzling new heights and ensure your body is radiating with confidence when you light up the beach this summer

Yes… we're talking about the lightning-fast and female-friendly formula for a flawless figure…

And whether you're an enthusiastic beginner; looking to reignite your fitness life or a longtime fitness buff hoping to drop those last few pounds to highlight your muscle definition.

Let me show you how to ditch your flawed approach to fitness and share the intelligent way to all-out fat burning by…


Isn't It Time You Rid Yourself Of The Flawed &
Faulty Fitness Nonsense Once And For All?

Slowed fat loss, lack of muscle definition, sluggish metabolism, mental defeat ... virtually every single fitness workout that is not supported by real-world experience and proven-science is guaranteed to fail you.

At best, you'll see some "newbie" gains that spark from any fitness program but quickly come to a halt within a few weeks.

Sound familiar?

Lucky for you, I'm here to say, that all ends now.

With the birth of my FULL-BODY-LICIOUS program, flawed and faulty female fitness is going into extinction.

Compare Flawed & Faulty Fitness To My
F.O.R.C.E. Principles To A Flawless Figure...


... Uses workout parameters that are similar to the workouts guys follow when trying to bulk up. Does it make sense to follow the same workout to shrink your thighs as your boyfriend or husband is following to build his thighs? ... F stands for Frequent Full Body Workouts that are simple, fast-paced and completely dedicated to losing fat and slimming down your proportions. Absolutely no bulking up the muscles that make females look less feminine ... instead we will build up the muscles that aid in a stunning hourglass figure.
... Uses marketing words like toning, cellulite, shaping and aerobics to scare or sell that have no physiological backbone. Random "confusion training" leads only to more confusion and is an ineffective gimmick, the opposite of progress. ... O stands for Organized Overload meaning your workouts will be structured and organized around science, strategy and a female's body-structure. Now you'll produce measurable and consistent results and make fast-moving progress from week to week.
... Uses boring "slow-go" cardio (i.e. low-intensity treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike work) that results in minimal fat loss, no prolonged metabolic benefits, too much time and stimulus of your slow-twitch muscle fibers that are the exact fibers that make you look weak, frail and unhealthy. ... R stands for Radical & Rapid Movements for Rapid Results. Specific days dedicated to leaning down your thighs, arms, shoulders, mid-section and boosting that butt. This happens by attacking your fast-twitch muscle fibers that are the exact fibers responsible for making you look great naked.
... Uses tame, lame and "been-there done-that" non-functional exercises that hardly break a sweat and do very little to create the kind of metabolic disturbance or debt necessary to increase fat burning throughout the entire day. ... C stands for Challenging Cardio-Core Workout. Imagine combining fat-frying cardio exercises and belly-blasting core moves, in the same workout, to help you kill two birds with one stone. This style of workout is not for the weak of heart (or body) or the average Jill or Jane.
... Puts you in on an elliptical trainer for 30-minutes while you train in your "fat-burning zone," watch television, talk on your cell phone and chat with your neighbor (sometimes all at the same time). ... E stands for Exceeding Your Expectations With Extreme Metabolic "Disturbance And Debt." In short, you'll be pushing yourself harder and harder in order to continue to see gains and it'll become normal to be huffing and puffing to the point of exhaustion.

The F.O.R.C.E. formula is not easy, it's TOUGH and that's the exact reason it will not fail you like every "quick and easy" method has mislead you.

Whether you're a busy college student, mom, career-lady, making a fitness comeback or long-time fitness buff... it's possible for anyone to achieve the eye-catching physique most women dream about...

Before you experience the power and breath-taking results you deserve, I'll let some of the real users from my TEST GROUP - Flavilicious Females as I like to nickname them ... tell you what it's like to get the strong and sexy physique you've always wanted...IN 6 WEEKS ONLY THESE WOMAN TRANSFORED THEIR LIVES...

I really learned how to take care of myself physically

"Participating in the Flavilicious program was an amazing and encouraging experience for me. By the end of the 6 weeks I had lost 10 lbs and 3 inches from my waist and I really learned how to take care of myself physically. This is the first fitness and nutrition program that I have been able to stick with the entire time and that I am confident I can continue following. I really enjoyed the large variety of exercises and being able to learn new and effective movements that I had never tried before. I've come away from this program truly understanding that losing weight and being healthy is not simply a short term goal, it is a lifestyle and a choice, one that is truly achievable with hard work and great support. Thank you Flavia!"

Total weight loss: 10 lbs
Inches from waist: 3

Guelph, ON

Have to go out and get new sizes of clothes...

"Already I am feeling so much stronger and healthier. I have to go out and get new sizes of clothes....not a bad problem to have :) Thanks again. I loved this challenge. It was soooooo worth my time and effort. Your program is excellent and I have become a spokeswoman for your product :) At 50 I had become flabby. Over the years my weight had slowly but surely increased significantly; it's amazing just how much you can hide over almost 6 feet in height! When Flavia's nutrition and exercise program challenge arrived I was more than ready! The eating plan was very practical (except for those veggies in the morning....sorry Flavia!) and satisfying; the exercise plan was challenging and full of variety. (The stability ball eventually became stable with practice!) The results speak for themselves......16.8 pound weight loss and 4" from my waist alone. I am more fit and healthy at 50 than I have been in a very long time. I plan to continue on...thanks Flavia for the challenge and may God bless you big time in your release of this excellent product!"

Guelph, ON

Lose 18 lbs and finally sees changes in legs

"I am SO ready for the next program or more workouts. I lost 18 pounds. I have SO much more I want to accomplish and don't want to lose what I've gained so far. I felt like I made good changes when I look in the mirror. In the last week, I've finally seen change in my legs with more muscle definition and losing about an inch around. I never missed a workout and ate the way I was supposed to 99% of the time."

Minneapolis, MN

Setting the bar higher now!

"I'm 33 years old, I'm Russian, I live in Dubai, UAE, I have 4 year old daughter. Im 165 sm tall and my weight is 65 kg. My body fat %-age is between 24 to 26%and most of it is on my lower body. I have been struggling with my body fat almost all my life! I was born 4,8 kg (big baby!) and at the age of 8 I was diagnosed 2nd stage of OBESITY. My worst time was when I gained more than 35kg during my pregnancy. It's been about 4 years now and honestly, Im confused now....because Im trying just about every new program available and still can't get rid of that last 10 kg of fatIn 6 weeks I dropped 3kg of fat - few inches here and there. I went from 25% to 22% of body fat. Not bad! Now im setting new goals and want to be 15% body fat! Thx for your support and advice."

UAE, Dubai

Clothes are fitting so much looser!

"Overall, I've lost 3 inches (my clothes a re so much looser on me) and 2 pounds:) I have been really good with eating/exercise. I am still working my way to perfection. Thank you for the head start. I am excited to continue your program. Thank you so much! You truly are amazing and so inspiring."


Could see her abs after one week on Flavia's program

"Thank you for letting me be a part of your test group. I have learned so much especially in nutrition. I am very excited to start your next program. I hope you are proud. Membership to a gym isn't an option for me having 3 little children. Why I love Flavia's program is because I can do it at home or on the road (which I did). I could see the results right away. The exercises are diverse and targets all areas so I never got bored. The nutrition program was all new and extremely interesting. I learned to eat in a completely new way. Nutrition is my weak area but the knowledge I have gained is amazing! I will never eat the same. I could see my abs in one week of following Flavia's program. I lost 1 inch off my rump in 1 week and 2 inches off my thighs in 1 1/2 weeks. My love handles were gone within the second week. Flavia has designed this program so that anyone can be successful!"

Iowa, USA

Definitely much stronger!

"I have definitely been having fun trying to keep up with the workouts and switching up my routine now and then. Within days I saw results, I actually had upper body strength!"

Toronto, Ontario

Lost 10 lbs and feeling fantastic

"I have had excellent results from your program! I have lost 10 lbs! I look and feel fantastic! Cutting out flour and sugar has left me with a ton of amazing energy! My muffin tops, chub around lower back and stomach are completely gone! YAY!! I have tried for 3 years to get rid of my belly fat and nothing worked!! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in your fitness program! What an amazing opportunity for me! You have blessed me! Thanks so much! Sending you a big hug!"

Brantford, Ontario

One meal at a time approach is working nicely

" Hi flavia, well so far so good here I am just starting week 2. I really like having my workouts laid out for me. They are very challenging but I took your advice and only started out with 2 sets so far;) the meal plan is the most challenging for me, but I am sticking with it, 1 meal @ a time! week 1 I have lost 2.2 lbs and I am taking measurements as well which are going in the right direction! Thanks for your words of encouragement!

Brantford, Ontario

This workout is kicking my butt and my daughters too

"I just wanted to give you some feedback-this workout is kicking our butts! I am doing this workout with my daughter, just started with this being our second day, and we are wiped out. I love it! Thursday we do day three, looks like it will be a tough one too. When I can feel the effects of a workout a couple hours later, I know that I have worked my body good. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to try out your program."

Take care,
Auburn, California

I like my flatter stomach

"I have had great results using Flavia's program. Many have commented on my leaner look. I am fairly lean to start, but have belly fat to spare. Using Flavia's program, I lost 6 pounds and I do like my flatter stomach. I plan to keep incorporating the nutrition ideas and will continue with the fury circuits. Believe me, Flavia's plans will work, if you work them. Thank you Flavia for all your encouragement and belief in us."

Guelph, ON

Finally, a Female Fitness Formula That's Based On
Safe & Intelligent Science,Proven-By-Females And
Created By A Female To Unleash Your Max Potential!


You don't get a body like mine training like a girl!

This is not about making you "lose weight" or "get skinny" because there are already hundreds of unhealthy and unsafe ways that can do that for you.

If you're looking for another "quick-fix" that can happen in "1-2 weeks" then this is not for you. I know you're too smart to fall for that, which is why you're still reading.

I know you want to have a fit and firm body that screams confidence and competence. Strong is the new sexy!


Let's get to the point. If you want to strip fat, whether it's the first fifty pounds or last few pounds, to fit into your favorite jeans, why wouldn't you rely on top-notch info?

I've already wasted years trying other methods and have been exposed to coaches that only know what's best and I want to give you the same sets of keys that have transformed my body from fluffy to fabulous...

Check This Out:
You Don't Have To Invest $1200 A Month On Florida's Top Trainer;
Or Drop $795 On The Precision Nutrition Certification;
Or Marry A Famous Fitness Expert To Get A Lean, Sexy Body...

If you can't tell, with this program I did all your science homework for you, got insider access to all the world's top experts who know the truth and have fine-tuned and tweaked every detail to give you every advantage to get your body right where you want it to be.

Getting a flawless figure is totally about strategy, science and simplicity:


Here's What You Get...


... Let's face it ... no lady wants to be pear-shaped, but the thighs are where chocolate ice cream and cheesecake come home to rest, and before you reveal a set of tight and trim thighs you need to trim the fat covering them. You know that more cardio is not what you need to burn off the unwanted fat and to build the long, lean and shapely leg muscles that display your body to perfection.

We'll attack your thighs with exercises to lengthen and strengthen those legs and don't worry about going from thighs too fat to thighs too muscular... us ladies don't carry the same hormones as men to get those big muscles.

Getting tight and trim thighs may have been a dream until now but once you start challenging your body with some key moves and techniques you'll finally give your legs an opportunity to shape up and get noticed!


- This is all about getting awesome abdominals! We crave them, we obsess about them and we're constantly holding them in. Of course, we're talking about abs. Most ladies don't stress about a bit of belly fat hanging over their waist bands during the winter. Ater all, damage control is just a dark and baggy garment away but imagine what it would be like to look for every opportunity you could get to show off  your stomach?

And let's not forget that a show-off stomach does more than just turn heads… it's the cornerstone of better health, fewer injuries, elegant posture, steamier sex and a longer life.

Bottom line, attaining a flat and firm show-off stomach is an outward sign of a healthy, fit body and not only does a set of toned abs make your body look better but they help your body work better!

Hard work, dedication and clean eating might help produce a flat stomach but if you want a sexy show-off stomach – that look everyone wants then you need to rely on the right moves and do them in the right order with the right volume and intensity… Show Off Stomach will show you how to do all that.


- How times have changed! Women used to want a flat butt then we wanted a toned backside and today every woman wants an upper curve to the glutes so you can hold your head high and you are confident in every dress, skinny jeans, short shorts and workout pants.

Get ready for Flavilicious signature sculpting-moves - hitting all three major muscles of the butt to guarantee it looks hot from every different angle and so that you look divine from behind!

Since the glutes are your body's largest and perhaps most powerful muscle group - they burn up an enormous amount of calories acting as a whole body fat-burning blow torch!

Whether your butt needs to be slimmed down, re-shaped or boosted ... no matter what your "butt type" is ... this one workout is going to give you the body to look better in a bathing suit, lingerie, short shorts and your favorite pair of jeans!


- Quick pop quiz! What's the best muscle group to focus on to create the magical illusion of a smaller waist? Abs? Nope! Not even close ... it's the shoulders!

The goal here is to create beautiful, tight-looking shoulders to get you "tank-top ready" and that look great from all angles and that appear slightly round at the outer portion. This slight improvement will make you look amazing in just about any top. Say hello to strapless tops and halter tops!

Executing these empowering exercises is an absolute must if you want to achieve sexy and appealing shoulders that will also erect your back and play a positive effect on your health, self esteem and give you a confident look.

Get ready to look amazing in any outfit and tell the world, "I get what I want!"


... It's time to make you feel stunningly sexy and round out the total package... Don't do this workout if you don't want to make men drool whenever you strap on a bikini that flaunts a curvaceous backside!

When it comes to sex appeal, a nicely defined back may be your most underrated asset. That's because it not only allows you to look best in the most revealing of dresses ... the backless ones, naturally ... but it's also a key to perfect posture.

You see, the muscles of your back pull your shoulders down and back so you stand tall and proud, not hunched. Plus, an extra benefit is that this lifts up your front side ... think perky, not saggy!  Get ready to turn heads just a fast when you're walking away as they do on your approach!


... It's all about preparation and execution. You'll be 100% prepared for every workout after printing out your daily workout with your entire workout laid out: exercise order, sets, reps and complete exercise descriptions.

The best part: Each workout sheet includes a pictures of the Start and Finish position so you'll never arrive and say, "How do I do that exercise again?" That will never happen, meaning you'll have the workout of your life, every time!



Bonus Package

Get Your
Dream Body Even Faster with the
5 Component
No Brainer Nutrition Strategies

You're about to take your physique to incredible new heights and stun all your friends over the next few months as you put all the FULL-BODY-LICIOUS workouts into action!

The components in this package are dedicated to unlocking the power of food with easy to follow nutrition strategies that are the cornerstone of your flawless figure.


Kitchen Makeover DVD!

In this info packed DVD I will teach you how to replace your "war zone" with a "safe zone" by trashing the bad and bringing in the good... replacing the bad foods that are sabotaging your physique and replace them with great tasting, nutrient rich meals to fill you up without filling you out!

These eating tips are NOT complicated and will show you how to trade empty calorie that you're likely to binge on, for nutritious whole foods that will fill you up. The end result is that you'll lose your gut without feeling like you're on a diet!

Once you get this information in your hands you'll discover my top choices of Vegetables, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats. Plus I'll expose unhealthy foods that researchers have just recently exposed as being very unsafe and unhealthy. Also included is a list of disguised food labels that have taken years of research to discover.

$29.95 Value - Limited Time Only Gift!

Eat Like This - Burn FAT!

Here you'll receive all the do's and dont's of proper nutrition and anybody who tells you that there is "no such thing as a bad food" or "just eat in moderation" simply has no scientific background when it comes to food.

Trust me, there ARE foods that you should be afraid of and are toxic to your body.

Once you avoid these culprits and eat like this, you'll find the fat starts melting off you. I even include easy-to-follow meal plans, 21 super foods and a chart listing GOOD, BETTER and BEST food choices for every nutrition category so that you don't have to feel pressured to master your nutrition over night.

And since I live in Florida for the winter, I researched everything you need to know about safe fish consumption. This is really helpful info!

$19.95 Value - Limited Time Only Gift!

The Success Tracker!

How can you know you are losing fat and gaining muscle if you don't track your progress?

You will receive a very easy to use daily organizer to track results and record your performance to GUARANTEE results.

With this gift, you will easily be able to make adjustments as needed, and will keep you motivated as you witness inches diminishing off your body.


$9.95 Value - Limited Time Only Gift!

Hormone Control!

After 17 weeks of hardcore research I uncovered some incredible knowledge accessible only to top health and medical professionals explaining 3 hormones related to fat storage.

Fat is fat and the only reason you'll experience "problem areas" is if you don't learn how to control and balance these hormones. I can't wait for you to know what I know!


$19.95 Value - Limited Time Only Gift!

Fab Five Supplement Guide!

These are not the hardcore or expensive supplements that the pro figure and fitness models use. These are rather nutritional staples make sure your body is supported with all the key materials to recover, sleep well, maintain your energy, reduce inflammation, train hard, and advance your fat loss further and faster.

These are supplements I recommend for my Mom, my 8 sisters, my cousins, friends and are the same supplements I take myself!


$19.95 Value - Limited Time Only Gift!

You know that DIET IS EVERYTHING...

Once you learn how to eat smart, you take control over your body and gain the power to flatten your belly and improve your health with every bite you take.

You've probably heard the saying, "You can't out train a bad diet", which is so true.  Even though my workouts are powerful, they'll only work if you make smart food choices along the way. That's why my nutrition strategies are the perfect addition to your intense workouts.

What's A Flawless Figure Worth To You?

Training with my trainer, for just 12 weeks would run you $2,700 (and he likes everything paid in full). That's $10,800 a year.

Or you could get certified, like I did, through Precision Nutrition and invest the next 17 weeks at 7 hours a week for an additional investment of $795.00.

Let's say you ditch the trainer and certification...

You could play the lottery and try out the latest weight loss gizmo, fat burning pill or "Celeb Diet" but you'd still be looking at least $1,000 a year. And while some of this stuff might work for a few weeks, you'll see they are not long-term options.

You could always just stick to more fitness magazines... The ones that are the same rehashed info as from 40 years ago and before you know it you've spent $150.00 on magazines and are still in the same spot!

Don't worry... I'm not asking for...

$10,800 you'd pay for my trainer...

$795.00 you'd drop on a Masters Level Nutrition Certification...

$1,000+ on garbage supplements and gizmos and diets...

Not even $150.00 you'd burn on rehashed fitness magazines...

I'm sure you know this entire workout package in video format is worth more than $150.00 and even if it was it would be a heck of a deal. But...

I am offering you the opportunity to get the entire ONLINE VIDEO SERIES and No Brainer Nutrition Strategies package, a $197 package for a one-time investment of $47: 

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Today – I want you to take control of every curve on your body and make no excuses so you can hold your head high and shatter your body's limitations.

In this step-by-step, 5-Day Online Video Series, I carefully lay out every single detail of your workout to eliminate all the guesswork ... no grey areas; straight to the point.

  • Five workouts a week.
  • 60 minutes a workout.
  • Copy me and get results.

Want to keep messing with flawed and faulty workouts?

Or one that is so effective that your flab is already lined up for unemployment!?

You know what you must do.


"Your Pursuit Of Perfection..."

Vince and Flav

"The day before Vinny proposed
to me on his 30th Birthday!"

The truth is that having a "perfect" body means something different to every single woman on the planet. For you it may be getting a tummy so flat that you'll turn every head on the beach on your next bikini vacation.

Or maybe it's simply slimming down your thighs so that pulling on your favorite jeans no longer feels like an Olympic event.

When it comes to your body – just as when it comes to your life – I understand that one size doesn't fit all. It shouldn't. Your goals are unique and I support your goals to the final finish line.

I understand that when it comes to shaping up or slimming down, you might not be in the same place as me or you might not want to end up in the same place as me. That's totally okay.

That's why FULL-BODY-LICIOUS was crafted with one simple goal: to help you get your best body ever.


"But What If I Don't Get Results?"



Pic 1462

"I'm so excited
to start working with you!"


To your hot new body,

Flavia Del Monte

Flavia Del Monte

R.N. CPT, P.N. Certified

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The truth is this: hundreds of ladies are already living a healthier and more dynamic life today because of their fit, firm and fabulous bodies. My question to you is, will you be one of them?


P.P.S. Need something answered? If you have a question, I have an answer!

Q: What exactly is FULL-BODY-LICIOUS and why is it so effective?

FULL-BODY-LICIOUS is a full body 5-day workout program consisting of intelligently designed 60-minute fat loss workouts to slim down or shape up. Each week cycles through five different full body workouts and each workout gives extra attention to key body parts that contribute to a flawless figure. By the end of the week you've hit all your major muscle groups five times with multiple angles, exercises and "advanced" fat burning techniques and tricks.

Every single detail is based on strategy and science and a female's body structure. Each workout was carefully designed to 1) maximize metabolism 2) destroy fat and 3) reshape your muscles in the safest and most efficient manner. Each workout builds on the previous one and rooted in the proven F.O.R.C.E. formula just for females.

Bottom line, when you learn how to combine the right exercise sequences on the right days with the right volume and right intensity, the synergistic results are mind blowing. FULL-BODY-LICIOUS is all about developing a body that is flawless in your own eyes.

Q: How long should I follow the FULL-BODY-LICIOUS workouts?

It's up to you. I follow the 5-day program on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday schedule. I take Thursdays and Sundays completely and let my body recover and reshape. I have been following the same workout for over 4 months now and my body is still changing from week to week. I recommend you give the program a full 12-16 weeks minimum to see the best results.

Q: How fast should I see results?

I have no idea but I'm confident you'll see results faster than you have in the past! Most ladies drop anywhere from 1-2% of their body fat each week and continue to do so for at least 3-4 months before they need to change things up.


Q: Can I follow the FULL-BODY-LICIOUS at home or do I need to train in a fancy gym?

Absolutely! I include a "home gym version" that you can print off and follow in the comfort of your own home. I would never make a fitness program that was subject to a gym that required fancy gym equipment. We'll build our bodies with good old-fashioned resistance that includes everything from benches, dumbbells, barbells, cables, stability balls, bands and our own bodyweight. Everything is fresh, stimulating and challenging.

Q: What if I don't recognize an exercise?

The entire workout program is VIDEO based so you get to watch me demonstrate every single exercise for multiple reps and I even include step-by-step instructions on how to perfect every exercise so you don't hurt yourself. It's like getting your own Personal Trainer!

Q: I want to start losing fat now; will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

No! The entire program will become immediately available to you via download after your purchase - no shipping fees, no waiting for results! Everything can be downloaded to your computer once your order is processed successfully.

Q: I'm not in my 20's or 30's will this program still work for someone considerably older?

Yes and we know that because we've already had plenty of people in their 50's and 60's experience massive success while using the program. The program is crafted for any female of any age and any training background who is committed to making the most of their fitness and health.


Q: Is this program okay for a complete beginner?

While I will say that the program is not "easy" in nature, you can modify any exercise, volume or intensity to adjust to your starting level. I provide ranges of sets and reps to shoot for so everything is relative to your fitness level.

Q: Can males follow this workout?

Definitely. In fact, I bet it'll make a lot of men gasp for air and make them burn. The program does not discriminate based on age, gender, or any other factor. The program is no walk in the park and lives up to my motto of, "You don't get a body like mine training like a girl!"

It works across the board. I obviously had my husband Vince examine the workouts and he was extremely impressed with the science-based and strategic program design I utilized. It's not called a females formula to a flawless figure for nothing!

Q: What if I don't see the results I want?

Then it's all FREE.

Simply put, if you follow the FULL-BODY-LICIOUS 5-day program exactly as outlined in the ONLINE VIDEOS, and do NOT lose more fat in the next 60 days than you ever have previously, just contact my customer support team and we'll refund every last penny. Like I said, I won't be able to sleep at night knowing you invested in my program and didn't see results, so I'll make things right and refund you ... no questions asked.

As you can see, the pressure is completely on me to deliver you the results you deserve ... all you need to do is give the program an honest shot and it'll work for you.


NOTE: FULL BODY LICIOUS is a completely downloadable series of video files. No physical products will be shipped to your home. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the video workouts onto your computer. The video files can be viewed on Mac or PC and I'll show you exactly how to view your workouts so you can start right away. Note: This is an instructional video series and is not a follow-along program.